Art direction
Local scouting and set construction
Print coordination

Campaigns successfully developed

Moving Artifacts provides full tailored services concerning every detail in order to produce photo shooting, catalogues. and lookbooks.

Campaigns are uniquely designed to help marketing departments fulfill their objectives.

See below our 4-stage methodology:



STAGE No. 01


We perform a thorough research of the brand, the project and its context, defining good practices, extracting conclusions, and lying the foundations for development through the next phases.

STAGE No. 02


The objective here is to understand and recommend what the brand should represent through its attributes, values, positioning, experience and tone of voice.

STAGE No. 03


The Art Director will use the conclusions from previous phases, developing and defining the elements of visual identity with the goal of creating a unique and relevant brand image.

STAGE No. 04


We develop the design of the identity to apply it to a variety of final formats and media as necessary, ensuring that the brand experience and visiual work well and as required in every point of contact.

Catalogs with their increasing capability and their brand-building potential can be used for high quality content marketing. High-touch print pieces filled with stories, fashion show images, profiles of celebrities endorsers and designers, and room layouts have proven to be excellent ways to convey a brand ethos and expres a brand personality.

As more products become more similar and as Internet continues to provide increasing access to more products, print catalogs and their content will grow as means to differentiate brands and sustain existing customer relationships.