The Pan-American Association is a non-profit organisation established to promote and develop projects concerning Landscape, Territory, and Architecture and their areas of influence in other manifestations of art, culture and society. It is born from and for civil society and it acts as project manager -actively participating and coordinating the agents involved- at the same time as it constitutes a dynamic assembly forum with a clear objective of generating visible actions. 

Moving Artifacts has designed a graphic identity taking inspiration from the project proccess itself. Using simple lines and dynamic strokes to create a modern, recognisable and inclusive logotype; Sensitive, light and solid. Although the  logotype is accompanied by a burden of text very heavy that couldn’t be avoided, the problem has been resolved by designing an exclusive family typography. This font has been used to create all the corporative documentation which is accompanied by the Futura Light font family used in longer texts.

The brand uses a chromatic range of greens and blues reinforcing the idea of “trans-oceanic”.