★ These basic images worked as sketches being the first ones created to explain the project and masks usage.

What is Demodrama-Faces? Reinventing the mask

Demodrama Faces is an open source technological tool focused on stage innovation. It propouses a dramatic staging based on interactive and augmented masks. The mask itself turns into a mobile frame where to project video or images supplanting performer's faces. Projected images will follow the masks in real time allowing an overlap between digital faces in a physical body and defining new ways of interaction: with the sound (voice), performer's corporal gestuality or actors/actresses and external users facial transplant.​

Demodrama Faces es una herramienta tecnológica de código abierto que apuesta por la innovación escenográfica. Las máscaras se convierten en marcos móviles en las que proyectar imágenes, vídeo o suplantar el rostro de los actores o los (personajes).​